This story starts not with Porsche, but with Volkswagen and its emissions cheating scandal. You might remember that a few short years ago, it was discovered that VW/Audi was producing clean diesel vehicles engineered to cheat emissions testing, such that the on-board computers recognized testing protocols and delivered cleaner results, as opposed to when vehicles were being operated on roadways.

As part of the settlement with U.S. regulators concerning this fraud, VW was tasked in 2016 with creating an entity known as Electrify America, an electric vehicle charging network designed to help offset carbon emissions by offering more opportunities for EV owners to charge up on America’s roadways. The plan was to install 300 highway stations in 42 states across the U.S., as well as 184 charging sites in 17 metro areas, with an average of five chargers per station (but as many as ten in some locations). By July 1, 2019, Electrify America expects to have all 484 sites completed or under construction. 89 stations are currently open and available for use.

What the heck does this have to do with Porsche? As you may know, Porsche has been under the VW umbrella for several years at this point, so what benefits Porsche benefits VW. And with Porsche’s much anticipated Taycan, the company’s first fully electric vehicle, set to hit roadways in 2020, it should come as no surprise that VW is using their charging network as an enticement for prospective Porsche Taycan owners, complete with three years of free charging at Electrify America stations.

Charging the Taycan
The Taycan will feature an 800-volt battery, compatible with 800v DC charging points. This means when hooked up to the right equipment, these EVs will charge incredibly fast. According to Porsche, 20 minutes at the right charger will deliver a 400km (about 250 miles) range, while 17 minutes will deliver an 80% charge.

What Porsche Taycan owners will want to take note of, however, it the fact that they can add 100km (a little over 60 miles) to their range with about four minutes of charging, or just enough time to post a pic of your charging Taycan to Instagram and come up with a clever caption. #YesWeTaycan?

Porsche Taycan Owners Get Three Years Free Charging
This is where VW’s Electrify America charging stations will come in handy, especially since Porsche Taycan owners will get three years of free charging at Electrify America locations as part of their purchase agreement. Each highway station will have at least two 350kW chargers, delivering the ultra-fast charge that will offer 60 miles in the time it takes to hit the restroom.

Other chargers at stations may be 350kW or 150kW. In addition, the grid for charging stations is laid out such that they will lie along a multitude of routes, with an average of 70 miles between stations (and a maximum distance of 120 miles).

That’s not all – 191 Porsche dealerships are also installing their own charging stations on-site, with 120 dealerships featuring 320-kW DC chargers, and the rest installing 50kW chargers. This makes for a lot of opportunities for Porsche Taycan owners to charge up at no charge, so to speak.

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