Many of us have parents who support us at one time. Not financially, not any longer, but emotionally. Parents who shower us with constructive optimism and cheer us on from life’s sidelines. Maybe the support was financial at one point. Maybe you’ve gotten a loan from your folks to start a business, go to grad school, or buy a house. Hopefully you were able to pay them back in full, and maybe you got them a gift to show them your appreciation for the unconditional support.

That is just what Christian von Koenigsegg did for his dad, Jesko, as the elder has backed Koenigsegg’s obsession with fast cars ever since the guy was a scrappy 22-year-old. Most of us would get our dear ol’ dad a memento, maybe a paper weight he could put on his desk at work. Not Koenigsegg, though. In an act of gratitude, Koenigsegg named the fastest car in the world after his father, Jesko.

Thanks, Dad
The Jesko hypercar is thought to be capable of over 300 mph in simulations. The current contender – the Agera RS – topped off at 277 mph back in 2017. This is all in theory, however.

The science says it could happen, but before testing starts Koenigsegg will have to find somewhere to test a car that can travel at speeds like that, a driver crazy enough to do it, and tire manufacturers capable enough to create tires that can take those kinds of speeds. But, I repeat, the science says its within the Jesko’s grasp.


The story goes that Koenigsegg the younger actually had a mock press release made up to give to his father. At the car’s unveiling in Geneva, his father was taken completely by surprise by the name. That’s a heckuva way to say thank you.

Rip-roaring and ready to go
What’s so special about this hypercar? Other than attention to elegant detail and technological supremacy, it can run on biofuel, and the Jesko goes a lot faster when it does. In this case it is easy being green.

The engine is like the Agera’s 5.0 liter twin turbo V8, but heavily modified. The Jesko has a flat-plane crankshaft that’s a good deal lighter than the old one, and allows the car to rev up to 8,500 rpm. Instead of the solid engine mount in the AGERA RS, the Jesko has active rubber mounts that absorb any extra vibrations. That’s very important traveling at speeds like 300 mph. If you aren’t deep into hypercars of the very fast variety, it’s hard to imagine checking the G-force when you drive.

The two large turbos are topped with a 20 liter carbon tank (with a small electric compressor) that spurts jets of air into those turbos at 20 bar, reducing lag. Here’s the result: on octane unleaded, 1262 bhp; on biofuel, 1578 bhp.

There’s quite a bit of torque produced by those turbos, and the Jesko needs a tough gearbox to absorb it. Most auto parts stores don’t have those types of gearboxes lying around, so Koenigsegg just built their own. It’s also smaller and lighter than most, thus its name, the Light Speed Gearbox.

And if you don’t fully understand the complicated explanation of what’s happening inside this very intense engine, think of it this way. All of this is to say that this car is speedy. The speediest in fact.

Now you see it, now you don’t
And lest you think that this is all about speed, the Jesko is a lesson in attention to detail. One of the Koenigsegg specialties is the screen attached in the middle of the steering wheel that gives the driver the run-down as to what’s happening. Much like the hubcap on a Rolls Royce, the screen does not turn with the wheel, so the driver won’t have to twist his head to check his stats. Another little quirk, a G-force meter is perched on the dash just behind the wheel for easy reference.

Koenigsegg plans on producing 40 to 50 of the Jeskos a year, with only 125 in total. Prices start at just under 3 million dollars, without local taxes to consider, so the Jesko is priced up there with the McLaren Speedtail.

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