McLaren is a name synonymous with prestige.  Their beautiful, expensive, high-performance vehicles are a staple in high-end car collections.  With price tags in the hundreds of thousands and even the millions, these vehicles obviously aren’t for everyone, but their elite status has less to do with the price than the phenomenal craftsmanship, performance, and attention to detail each car delivers.

With the new McLaren Speedtail, which is set to begin shipping to buyers in the first quarter of 2020, this legendary automotive company ups the ante with a supercar reminiscent of its famous F1 – a thrilling three-seater that delivers superior power, speed, and of course, elite status, thanks to the fact that only 106 are slated for production (and they all sold out before images of the car were even released).

McLaren enthusiasts have been waiting decades for a reboot of the F1 and its unique ability to share the supercar experience with not one, but two passengers.  What will they get for the shocking admission price of $2.1 million?  Here’s what you need to know.

It’s the Most – Literally

Prototype testing has revealed that the latest addition to the McLaren lineage offers the most of everything.  In addition to being the most expensive McLaren to date, it also delivers the most power – 1035 horsepower, to be precise.  Can you even imagine the experience of 1,035 horses pulling this supercar down the highway at breakneck speeds?


Speaking of speed, the McLaren Speedtail also delivers the most of that, with a top speed of 250 mph in prototype testing.  It accelerates from 0-186 in just 12.8 seconds, beating out the P1 by 3.7 seconds, and features a hybrid engine, with internal combustion and electric components that are designed to work seamlessly in concert to create ideal performance.  How much does each side contribute to the equation?  McLaren remains tight-lipped on details.  Also, it’s not exactly street legal, as you may have guessed.

It’s likely that the latest McLaren model will feature some version of the twin-turbocharged V8 found in the company’s other vehicles, including the Senna (which comes in at a now seemingly underwhelming 789 hp).  The addition of the hybrid engine, paired with a 7-speed, dual-clutch gearbox, is likely the cause of the increased power in the new model.

The New McLaren Speedtail Design

While this car is certainly sleek and sophisticated inside and out, as consumers expect, not everyone was pleased with the overall design.  The car has earned a lot of buzz for both prototype testing results and the popular, three-seat design, but not everyone has been keen on the front wheel caps, which are an eyesore at best and a design flaw at worst.  The quicksilver finish has hardly earned rave reviews, either.

That said, the car is aerodynamically sound and the interior features touchscreen controls, electrochromic glass (that can darken as desired), and luxe, leather-trimmed surfaces using new, reduced-density hides to cut weight.  Wow.

Not everyone can afford a McLaren, and the list of buyers is certainly exclusive, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find the new, used, luxury, classic, or exotic cars you seek.  Partner with DealerStrip to buy, sell, or trade with a vast network of dealers and private parties alike.

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