Aston Martin has long held a special place in the hearts and minds of car culture aficionados. It is, after all, the favored mode of personal transportation for one Bond, James Bond. While the average driver may not have the same skillset as famed superspy double-oh-seven, that doesn’t mean we can’t aspire to own a truly stunning, high-performance vehicle, even if it doesn’t sport hidden machine guns, an ejector seat, or a defibrillator in the glove box.

Of course, these days, Aston Martin’s bread and butter comes from the supercar market, and if their showing at the Geneva Motor Show is any indication, they’re looking to sideswipe competitors like Ferrari and McLaren with high-powered, performance engineering and stealth appeal. It looks like they just might accomplish their goal, thanks to a slate of superior hypercars destined to outperform top-end competitors.

First, there’s the much-anticipated AM-RB 003. The name might is clunky, but this revamped Valkyrie is in some ways even better than the original, thanks to modifications designed to boost performance. Looks-wise, it’s similar to the Valkyrie, but sleeker and more refined. It looks like it belongs on the road, not just on a raceway.

In terms of performance, attentive drivers are sure to notice the upgraded spoiler. Although less physically prominent than the spoiler on the Valkyrie, it delivers more advanced functionality. One other major change-up in this model that’s sure to shock is the V6, turbocharged hybrid engine. Yes, you read that right.


The AM-RB 003 swaps out the Valkyrie’s V12 for a souped-up engine half the size. It’s an in-house design, as well, so if you were expecting a Mercedes-AMG motor, you can think again. As of yet, there are no specs for this mystery engine available, but you can content yourself thinking about the added legroom you’ll enjoy in the luxuriously appointed cabin.

Production on the AM-RB 003 is expected to exceed Valkyrie numbers, but never fear, they’ll still be strictly limited for relative exclusivity. Unless owners live somewhere between Malibu and Hollywood, they’re not likely to see another one cruising the neighborhood.

Then there’s the Vanquish Vision concept car, which sets its sights squarely on the Ferrari F8 with Aston Martin’s first contribution to the mid-engine market. The volume of vehicles is expected to be higher than either the Valkyrie or the AM-RB 003, but this is necessary to compete with similar exotics and build a bigger following for the brand.

Drivers will get that distinctive Aston Martin style, thanks to a steeply-sloped nose, aggressive, exaggerated front fenders, and a long, subtle rear slope that’s essentially the automotive equivalent of an over-the-shoulder wink from the other end of the bar. The automaker hit the nail on the head when they said of the Vanquish that it features a “more seductive and less technical appearance” than their other vehicles.

Will this Vision in British racing green be the undoing of competitors like Ferrari and McLaren? There’s no telling which way the wind will blow, but Aston Martin was certainly the darling of the Geneva Motor Show this year.

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