Six-Figure Lincoln Navigator Sales Outpace Production Capabilities

You might assume that the most notable thing about the new Lincoln Navigator is that the fully-loaded, long wheelbase Black Label is available at an MSRP of just over $100,000. What may be even more astonishing, however, is that the 2019 model is in such high demand that Ford simply can’t complete production models fast enough to keep up. To say this pricy vehicle is flying off the shelves would be something of an understatement.

The popularity of the new Navigator is not entirely surprising, considering the many luxurious amenities these vehicles are known for. However, the price leap, ranging from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars, depending on the vehicle level, is significant when compared to the 2018 production models. Why, then, are buyers so keen to get their hands on these vehicles? Perhaps it has to do with the added technological amenities included in the first major overhaul for the line in over a decade – a move that fans of the Navigator have apparently been eagerly awaiting.

The Select
It’s not immediately apparent why this step above the base model Premier has seen a price hike in 2019 models. The increase is modest at just $1,000, putting the current MSRP at $78,850, but there doesn’t seem to be anything to show for it.


The Reserve
The next level up at least offers some added value for the increase in price, which is actually the largest for the upgraded Navigator models. The 2019 Reserve is listed at $3,500 more than the previous model, coming in at a price of $86,500. For their money, buyers will get a lot.

This model includes the addition of the Technology Package, with desirable features that many drivers will appreciate, including adaptive cruise control, lane departure warning (with lane keeping aid), heads-up display, autonomous emergency braking, and pre-collision assist with pedestrian detection, just for example. In other words, there are a lot of bells and whistles designed to keep you safe, help you avoid accidents, and generally add convenience to the driving experience.

Buyers have given these features a clear nod of approval, with nearly every customer opting to include this package. The added price may seem a bit steep, but when you’re dropping over $80K on a luxury automobile, a few thousand more must seem like a pittance.

The Black Label
Of all the new Lincoln Navigator models, this ultra-luxury version clearly has the most to offer, and the price increase is actually less than the Reserve with a bump of just $2,190. What makes it somewhat hard to swallow is that even the more modest increase results in a price tag of $100,890, crossing that psychologically significant barrier that might give some buyers pause.

For the money, consumers will enjoy all the perks of owning the highest-level Lincoln Navigator, as well as the addition of 30-way power front seats, ostensibly designed to deliver the most comfortable and customized driving experience for anyone who gets behind the wheel. Despite the fact that this is the first Navigator to breach the all-important six-figure mark, the price tag doesn’t seem to be slowing consumers, who are clamoring to purchase the car faster than Ford can complete production.

In fact, this is the biggest spike in sales the carmaker has enjoyed in over a decade. Is it the growing prestige of the brand, or maybe the ubiquitous commercials featuring a pensive Matthew McConaughey? Perhaps the new price tag finally makes the Navigator a contender among more prestigious luxury competitors like the Cadillac Escalade. Or maybe, just maybe, this really is the most desirable luxury SUV currently on the market.

The Overall Appeal of the New Lincoln Navigator
It’s easy to see the appeal of the latest iteration of the Navigator. It may be boxy, but it’s also breathtaking thanks to clean lines, sleek styling, and a front end that looks a bit like an eager puppy about to lick your face. Outwardly, it’s charming and attractive, without a lot of tedious embellishment that screams for your attention. It’s sophisticated.

The interior is nothing to sniff at, either, thanks to high-end, luxury appointments that include everything you might expect, from genuine leather and wood grain finishes to a seriously tech-heavy console. It’s the new kid at school who seems to be effortlessly cool, and for just over $100,000, it can be yours.

Although the new Lincoln Navigator is currently a bit difficult to secure, consumers and dealers alike will find it easy to connect via DealerStrip and hammer out a mutually beneficial deal on a 2019 Navigator or other luxury SUV.

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