Buying, selling, and trading cars used to happen primarily at the local level. Consumers looking to buy new cars would trade in their older models to dealers for a discount on a new purchase. Dealers would then refurbish and resell these older vehicles for profit, or alternately, sell them off to local used car lots for resale. Consumers unable to afford a new car could always save some dough by purchasing a used car instead, avoiding the high risks of buying from a private seller.

Today, things have changed significantly. The growth of both the global economy and the internet have changed the way business is done, for better or worse. In terms of used car sales, the outcome has been decidedly worse. Many used cars are now shipped to other countries, where they’re in high demand in emerging markets. This impacts inventory and sales domestically.

Consumers looking to buy used cars find limited options and high pricing. Only the newest trade-ins are kept and refurbished for resale domestically, and while purchasing a certified pre-owned vehicle has its perks (limited warranty, for example), it can still be a pricy affair.

The situation has also impacted what dealers are willing to offer for trade-in value on older vehicles. Shipping massive lots of used cars to international markets clears inventory and turns a profit, but not as much as selling cars individually could, and trade-in values take the hit.


This state of affairs has created some difficulties for consumers and dealers alike, but luckily, the internet is here to save the day, offering connectivity that means there’s still hope for consumers seeking maximum trade-in value and dealers finding used vehicles that buyers in their markets are clamoring for. With platforms like DealerStrip helping to facilitate such transactions, both consumers and dealers can benefit. Here’s what you stand to gain by utilizing DealerStrip trade ads.

Benefits of DealerStrip Trade Ads for Dealers
Dealerships walk a fine line when it comes to purchasing trade-ins. They have to weigh the likelihood of selling a used car at a profit versus the cost of purchasing it, refurbishing it, and storing and maintaining it for god-only-knows how long. It would be better to buy used vehicles that are a sure bet to sell because they are in high demand in a particular market.

This is where DealerStrip trade ads can really benefit dealers. You can seek out sellers in different markets to find cars that you know are in high demand and short supply locally. You have the opportunity to bid for desired inventory, and because you know it can sell in your market, you have the option to offer more than what consumers can get in their local marketplace. You may even make a sale in the process – perhaps you also have in-demand inventory that is scarce in the market the trade-in comes from.

You can also trade with other dealers, offloading your own stale inventory to markets where it may sell more quickly, and getting in return inventory from other dealers that they’ve been sitting on, but you can sell like hotcakes. There’s just no downside for dealers to using DealerStrip trade ads.

Benefits for Consumers
As it turns out, DealerStrip trade ads are equally beneficial for consumers looking to trade in a used vehicle to offset the cost of a new car purchase. If your market is saturated with cars like yours and the supply outweighs demand, you can’t expect to get ample trade-in value from local dealers. You need to expand your horizons and gain access to other markets where you can find higher trade-in value.

DealerStrip trade ads make this possible. By posting an ad, you open the door to dealers in other regions that are looking for your car because it is popular and in low supply locally. All you have to do is sit back and wait for bids to roll in, giving you the best opportunity to get a fair price for your used vehicle, and perhaps even find a good deal on a new car in the process.

In short, trade ads are a win-win for consumers and dealers alike. Consumers can get the best trade-in value for a used vehicle while dealers can get their hands on used cars that they know they can sell to local buyers for a profit.

Whether you’re a consumer seeking the best value for your used vehicle or you’re a dealer looking to optimize your trade game and appease local buyers, don’t hesitate to partner with DealerStrip for all of your car buying, selling, and trading needs.

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