Like all Aston Martins, the Valkyrie is breathtaking. Your heart may actually skip a beat each time you look at it’s fluid contours and imagine yourself sliding into the driver’s seat. Try to picture the mesmerizing union of a mercurial alien space ship and the Batman Returns era Batmobile and you’ll get some idea of the allure of this supercar, and why it will set you back a cool $2.6 million.

Of course, there’s more than meets the eye to the Aston Martin Valkyrie. The car company that outfitted double-oh-seven is no stranger to power, performance, and speed, and the Valkyrie delivers with a Cosworth-developed 6.5-liter V-12 engine. Is that all? Please. It’s paired with an electric motor to create a hybrid powertrain Franken-car that delivers over 1,000 horsepower. Can you imagine being in a chariot pulled by a thousand horses? Not even Helios dreamed that big.

That’s really only the tip of the iceberg for consumers that can cough up the dough to purchase this hypercar. Each buyer must go through an extensive personalization process, or a “fitting” for their car. What will you get with the otherworldly Aston Martin Valkyrie, and how does the fitting process work? Even if you haven’t the money to own one of these superb vehicles, you’re sure to be wowed by the purchasing process.

Highlights of the Aston Martin Valkyrie
Let’s just start with the high-performance Cosworth engine buzzing like a swarm of angry bees when you fire up the Valkyrie and rev it like you’re racing to Valhalla. In addition to delivering 1,000 hp, the naturally-aspirated engine offers a max engine speed of 11,100 rpm, along with a max torque of 740 Nm at 7,000 rpm.

Even so, the engine weighs in at a relatively featherweight 454 pounds, making up roughly a fifth of the car’s overall weight of 2,271 pounds. Internal engine parts are largely machined from solid material, but the crankshaft saves some weight – it’s reportedly half the weight of the crankshaft used for the V12 in the One-77.

This precision vehicle can reportedly reach top speeds of 250 miles per hour, and the 65-degree internal combustion hybrid engine has been dubbed the “ultimate expression of the internal combustion engine”. Then there’s the exterior of this eye-catching car to consider.

The body is an aerodynamic, carbon-fiber dream, featuring gull wing doors and a surprisingly open underfloor designed to deliver maximum downforce for outstanding grip and cornering speed. The manufacturer notes that “Valkyrie comes as close as possible to a Formula One™ car without being restricted to the track”. This is due to exemplary design and the inclusion of the latest technologies, courtesy of Red Bull Racing Advanced Technologies. Red Bull Racing’s Chief Technical Officer, Adrian Newey, was involved in the design process.

There are only 150 Valkyries slated for production and all of them have already been pre-sold, so unless you’ve already signed a purchase agreement, you won’t be getting one when they roll out this year. However, you can still marvel at the immersive fitting process.

Customizing a Hypercar
For $2.6 million dollars, you’d expect a lot of customization, and Aston Martin certainly delivers on this score with a laundry list of options to choose from and a virtual design coach ready to make recommendations based on your preferences. Color schemes will get you started, after which your virtual assistant will offer suggestions about color matches and fades to customize your paint job, as well as finishes, wheel choices, exhaust preferences, and more.

That’s just the outside of the vehicle – there are dozens more choices to make on the inside. Then there’s the Track Package option for owners keen to test the true potential of this performance vehicle on a closed track with no speed restrictions. The Track Package comes complete with a made-to-order set of interchangeable panels that take your vehicle into the realm of decidedly not street legal. Owners get a second shot at customization with these panels, which have to be fitted in place for track days.

According to Aston Martin, it’s likely that no two Valkyries will be the same, and considering the endless options for customization and the fact that only 150 of these incredible cars will ever be produced, this prediction is probably true. While 150 lucky (or merely wealthy) souls will get to experience this ultra-high-end customization process, the rest of us can merely dream about it.

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