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Traditional features with innovation and simplicity to gauge higher closing ratios.


Trade among other dealers in the DealerStrip community; offload old age units, post ads for particular cars you’re in search of or list an incoming trade for bids. Add sales staff and enable them to easily browse through the latest trades and wanted ads; make two deals while selling your new car and having a buyer for the trade.


Unlike elsewhere, you have unlimited listings! Yes! We don’t charge you per lead or increase your monthly fees once your closing ratios are higher. Utilize our CRM, Dealer Profile & Inventory, videos and take advantage of DealerStrip being a website and marketing platform of your own without the added cost.

  • 4M+listings
  • 345,000Registered Consumers this month
  • 145kDealer Leads last month

DealerStrip is an internationally recognized dealer and consumer portal with thousands of active dealers and 345,000 registered consumers this past month alone with an average of 145 thousand dealer leads last month. We introduce a renowned car buying, selling and trading experience while being featured by major media outlets and compared to other car portals with more than 10+ differentiating factors.


Take advantage of our domestic and international exposure with a combined 345,000 registered consumers this month. DealerStrip utilizes multi-marketing which places DealerStrip at the top-of-mind for consumers whom are actively searching for their next vehicle through search engines, social media and numerous other methods. Not only do we attain 300K + registered consumers nearly month over month, we also systematically retarget users based on the listings viewed to increase awareness for your dealership and vehicle listing – closing faster than any other dealership platform.

domestic &
international exposure



Experience an easy and innovative dealership platform to manage every aspect of your car buying, selling and trading experience. Easily access the CRM and all associated messages for a particular lead in one single place. Work less, focus more – easily sync your inventory with one single click and setup email marketing to automatically nurture your prospects through your sales pipeline until they close!


advanced analytics, tracking
& marketing to focus on closing

Access real-time reporting across your entire dealership and view in-depth insights across all sales staff. View lead statuses, listing views, reviews and reward staff with sales competitions based on leaderboards. Nurture prospects while you’re on the lot with email marketing campaigns that can be setup in a few simple steps.


easy one click inventory
import with all platforms

Sync your entire retail inventory with the click of a button! Manage all of your listings, leads and sales staff through our easy to use platform. We support DealerOn, Auto Fusion, Auto Inspire, Car Base and others!

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Membership Benefits
Benefits Dealer Consumer
Domestic and International Exposure
Dealer to Dealer & Dealer to Consumer Networking  
Consumer to Consumer & Consumer to Dealer Networking  
Unlimited For Sale Listings (Retail)
Unlimited Wholesale Listings* (Trade-ins, Old Age Inventory)  
Unlimited Wanted Listings
Access to Wholesale Priced Inventory  
Receive Bids From Dealers For Your Trade
Buy Trades from Consumers Direct  
Notification Alerts Based on Your Preferences
Instant Cash Offers on Your Listings**
Profile Page with Social Media Feed, Videos, Blogs  
Email Marketing & Social Media Features  
Unlimited Users (Sales Staff)  
Inventory Management***  
Logistic Services Available for Hire
Legal and Escrow Services Available for Hire
Inspection Companies for Hire

dealerstrip membership packages

Monthly: $250.00

Six Months: $1350.00
(10% Discount)
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  • All Base Features
  • Unlimited Listings
  • (5) Monthly Listings Refreshes
  • (1) Monthly Featured Refreshes
  • (5) Monthly Social Media Drips
  • (1) Monthly Blog Features
  • Car Fax Integration
Monthly: $350.00

Six Months: $1620.00
(10% Discount)
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  • All Base Features
  • Early Access to Consumer Wanted & Trade Ads
  • CarFax Integration
  • Unlimited Auto Listings Remarketing
  • (30) Monthly Listing Refreshes
  • (3) Monthly Featured Listings
  • (30) Monthly Social Media Drips
  • (10) Monthly Blog Features
  • Enable Virtual Reality
  • Unlimited Employees
  • 24/7 Live Chat

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