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Trade among other dealers in the DealerStrip community; offload old age units, post ads for particular cars you’re in search of or list an incoming trade for bids. Add sales staff and enable them to easily browse through the latest trades and wanted ads; make two deals while selling your new car and having a buyer for the trade.


We don’t charge you per lead or increase your monthly fees once your closing ratios are higher. Utilize our CRM, Dealer Profiles, unlimited listings, 360 Degree videos. Take advantage of DealerStrip being a website and marketing platform of your own without the added cost!

  • Millions of listingsEconomy, luxury, exotic and classic cars

DealerStrip is an internationally recognized dealer and consumer portal with thousands of active dealers and millions of listings. We introduce a renowned car buying, selling and trading experience which puts all the tools you’ll need to sell more at your fingertips. With DealerStrip you now have everything you hoped for in other site and then some! Unlike other sites you’ll keep coming back to DealerStrip all day long because we help you earn more, don’t miss the latest Trade or wanted listing. We’ll keep you on your toes.

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Buy, Sell, and Trade with Ease

  • Unlimited Retail Listings
  • Unlimited Wholesale Listings
  • Source cars you’re in need of via wanted ads
  • Offload old age inventory or Trade-Ins
  • Boost Your SEO
  • Social media management
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GET SOCIAL! Why social media is vital and how we can help!

Let DealerStrip Do it For You!

In a world where online presence accounts for massive outreach, most consumers find products and services on their computers and phones before they ever enter a brick-and-mortar location, and in some cases, they simply complete all of their interactions with companies in the online arena. This is not something businesses can ignore, and one of the best ways to reach consumers is through casual social media interactions.

It’s true that social media is rarely responsible for direct sales. Even with Facebook teaming up with Shopify to create an avenue to sales, businesses don’t expect their social interactions to result in immediate sales. What, then, is the point of maintaining a strong and active social media presence? It has to do with building relationships that lead to engagement, and ultimately, patronage.

For auto dealers looking to move inventory with speedy sales, this can be a hard pill to swallow. Social media for cars may seem like a waste of time and money. However, there are plenty of activities you engage in with no guarantee of payback, from providing free coffee and doughnuts to customers at your dealership to paying a sign-twirler to stand on the street corner.

You don’t know if these tactics will pay off, but they serve to raise awareness and create positive interactions with consumers. Your social media efforts can serve the same purpose and funnel prospective customers toward purchases.

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Increasing Awareness with Social Media for Cars

There’s just no denying we live in a digital world, one in which consumer decisions are heavily influenced by online research. According to the recent report “The Facebook IQ Guide to Car Buyers and Enthusiasts”, buyers conduct approximately 74% of their research on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Since this is also where the majority of social media interactions occur, it only makes sense for dealerships to develop a strong social media presence as a way to reach interested buyers in search of their next car.

A strong and diverse online presence can only help to increase awareness of your brand and provide new opportunities to engage with prospective customers. You can’t rest on your laurels, though. Keeping followers invested in your brand requires ongoing social media efforts, which is why so many dealers opt to hire a full-time professional for this express purpose and can end up being very costly. We have made it easy, we can take over and manage your social media for you for a small added cost. Why bother hiring an employee and paying salaries etc, with us there’s no contract pay as you go. If you’re not happy you walk away! With our proven track record of millions of impressions and profile visits per month we can do wonders for you Dealership. Contact us today and let us help get you a better SOCIAL LIFE!

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Building Rapport with Customers

website acts as a hub for information dissemination, and in some cases, purchasing activity. SEO helps to funnel prospective customers to your website. Unfortunately, Google can also send consumers to your competition.

When you engage in active outreach through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and other social platforms, you create personal connections that endear consumers to your brand and encourage patronage. This isn’t something you can accomplish with standard marketing and SEO efforts.

Consider it a form of content marketing if that makes you more comfortable with the time and expense required to maintain social media accounts. Dealerships on social media are offering a form of information, entertainment, and added value that demands nothing in return. This allows consumers to relax and build a personal, emotional connection with your brand that could translate to sales down the road.

Dealerships on Social Media Increase Sales Potential

The real power of social media is the ability for dealers to connect with a broad audience both in their local environs and outside their region. When you have access to a domestic and even a global audience, you increase your chances of finding the right buyer for any car in your inventory, even older cars that might otherwise gather dust because they hold no appeal for your limited pool of local consumers.

Using the Right Resources

You obviously can’t justify managing dozens of social media accounts, so you need to utilize the resources best suited to delivering desired returns in the way of outreach, followers, and patronage. Facebook is pretty much a given, thanks to an audience of over 2.25 billion monthly active users, not to mention opportunities for targeted advertising. Twitter and Instagram are also great choices, and each offers unique ways of connecting with a diverse audience.

In addition to utilizing social media for cars, however, you’ll want to create a solid infrastructure of sales platforms that your social media accounts can funnel serious customers to. When you register an account with DealerStrip, you can not only take advantage of unlimited listings, but you can also link to your social media accounts to ensure increased opportunities to complete sales and give consumers exactly what they’re looking for. Ask us how we can help you grow your social media foot print and alleviate you from the headache of worrying about what to post, how to post and more!

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Save Time with Intuitive, Comprehensive Dashboard Functionality

Our dashboard integrates essentials like CRM, inventory, and tracking and analytics to ensure that you have the information you need to stay on top of your business at a glance. With customized notifications, unlimited wholesale and wanted ads, and both dealer and consumer networking options, you won’t find a better partner for online buying, selling, and trading than Dealer Strip.

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Benefits Dealer Consumer
CRM & Email marketing ?  
Dealer to Dealer Wholesale features ?  
Consumer to Dealer networking ? ?
Unlimited Retail listings ?  
Unlimited Wholesale listings (trade-ins, old age units) ?  
Unlimted Wanted ads ? ?
Access to wholesale prices for certain vehicles ?  
Receive cash bids from Dealers ? ?
SpinCar 360 Degree / Virtual Reality listings** (additional charge) ?  
Buy trades from Consumers direct ?  
Notificaton alerts based on your preferences ? ?
Company profile page w/social media links,videos, blogs and more ?  
Unlimited users (sales employees to use wholesale tools) ?  
Inventory Management*** ?  
Ability to hire a vehicle transport ( shipping cost paid to shipper) ? ?
Access to Inspection services ? ?
Access to legal services (escrow or legal) ? ?

dealerstrip membership packages

Broker Package
$3.00 per day

$89.00 per month
  • Profile Page
  • Connect your social media
  • Unlimited Wholesale wanted ads
  • Unlimited Wholesale trade ads
  • (1) Social media promo per month
  • Add multiple users
  • Crm function
$16.00 per day

$499.00 per month
  • Early Access to Consumer Wanted & Trade Ads
  • CarFax Integration
  • (3) Monthly Featured Listings
  • (10) Monthly Blog Features
  • Unlimited Employees
Premium Plus
Monthly: $999.00

Premium Plus 360 View/VR
  • Make your listings stand out with 360 Degree video / Virtual reality listing Learn More
  • Unlimited retail listings
  • Unlimited wanted ads
  • Unlimited wholesale trade ads
  • Crm & email tools
  • Add multiple users
  • Syncs inventory with API
Social Media Management
Monthly: $899.00

Save 25% if combined with premium package
Have us Manage your Social Media
  • Content creation
  • Engagement
  • Increased visibility
  • Grow your following
  • Increase social foot print
  • Increase traffic to your brand
Much more!
Social media is a full time job
Let us handle it!
Social Media Management
Combo Package

Save 25%
Monthly: $1049.00
A Combination of Our Premium package and our social Media Management services.

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