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Traditional features with innovation and simplicity to gauge higher closing ratios.


Trade among other dealers in the DealerStrip community; offload old age units, post ads for particular cars you’re in search of or list an incoming trade for bids. Add sales staff and enable them to easily browse through the latest trades and wanted ads; make two deals while selling your new car and having a buyer for the trade.


We don’t charge you per lead or increase your monthly fees once your closing ratios are higher. Utilize our CRM, Dealer Profiles, unlimited listings, 360 Degree videos. Take advantage of DealerStrip being a website and marketing platform of your own without the added cost!

  • Millions of listingsEconomy, luxury, exotic and classic cars

DealerStrip is an internationally recognized dealer and consumer portal with thousands of active dealers and millions of listings. We introduce a renowned car buying, selling and trading experience which puts all the tools you’ll need to sell more at your fingertips. With DealerStrip you now have everything you hoped for in other site and then some! Unlike other sites you’ll keep coming back to DealerStrip all day long because we help you earn more, don’t miss the latest Trade or wanted listing. We’ll keep you on your toes.

Buy, Sell, and Trade with Ease

  • Unlimited Retail Listings
  • Unlimited Wholesale Listings
  • Source cars you’re in need of via wanted ads
  • Offload old age inventory or Trade-Ins
  • Boost Your SEO
  • Learn More

Get More for Your Money

  • Dedicated Dealer Profile
  • Fixed Price No Hidden Fees

Increase Exposure and Expand Your Network

Why limit yourself to only dealers in your local area? With Dealer Strip, you can tap into a vast, domestic and international network in search of specific cars that your customers are clamoring for, or as a means of pinpointing demand that allows you to get the best prices for current or even older stock that’s taking up space on your lot.

With over 4 million listings, including economy, luxury, exotic, and classic cars, everything you need to succeed is right at your fingertips. Wheeling and dealing has never been easier, thanks to features that let you optimize deals by buying, selling, and/or trading for the greatest personal advantage.

Save Time with Intuitive, Comprehensive Dashboard Functionality

Our dashboard integrates essentials like CRM, inventory, and tracking and analytics to ensure that you have the information you need to stay on top of your business at a glance. With customized notifications, unlimited wholesale and wanted ads, and both dealer and consumer networking options, you won’t find a better partner for online buying, selling, and trading than Dealer Strip.

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Membership Benefits
Benefits Dealer Consumer
CRM & Email marketing ?  
Dealer to Dealer Wholesale features ?  
Consumer to Dealer networking ? ?
Unlimited Retail listings ?  
Unlimited Wholesale listings (trade-ins, old age units) ?  
Unlimted Wanted ads ? ?
Access to wholesale prices for certain vehicles ?  
Receive cash bids from Dealers ? ?
SpinCar 360 Degree / Virtual Reality listings** (additional charge) ?  
Buy trades from Consumers direct ?  
Notificaton alerts based on your preferences ? ?
Company profile page w/social media links,videos, blogs and more ?  
Unlimited users (sales employees to use wholesale tools) ?  
Inventory Management*** ?  
Ability to hire a vehicle transport ( shipping cost paid to shipper) ? ?
Access to Inspection services ? ?
Access to legal services (escrow or legal) ? ?

dealerstrip membership packages

Monthly: $299.00

Six Months: $1650.00
(10% Discount)
  • All Base Features
  • Unlimited Listings
  • (5) Monthly Listings Refreshes
  • (1) Monthly Featured Refreshes
  • (5) Monthly Social Media Drips
  • (1) Monthly Blog Features
  • Car Fax Integration
Monthly: $499.00

Six Months: $2699.00
(10% Discount)
  • All Base Features
  • Early Access to Consumer Wanted & Trade Ads
  • CarFax Integration
  • Unlimited Auto Listings Remarketing
  • (30) Monthly Listing Refreshes
  • (3) Monthly Featured Listings
  • (30) Monthly Social Media Drips
  • (10) Monthly Blog Features
  • Enable Virtual Reality
  • Unlimited Employees
  • 24/7 Live Chat
Premium Plus
Monthly: $999.00

Premium Plus 360 View/VR
  • Make your listing stand out with 360 Degree video / Virtual reality listing Learn More
  • Includes All The Features of both Basic & Premium Membership
Social Media Management
Monthly: $899.00

Save 25% if combined with basic or premium package
Have us Manage your Social Media
  • Content creation
  • Engagement
  • Increased visibility
  • Grow your following
  • Increase social foot print
  • Increase traffic to your brand
Much more!
Social media is a full time job
Let us handle it!
Social Media Management
Combo Package

Save 25%
Monthly: $1049.00
A Combination of Our Premium package and our social Media Management services.

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